Irises, Columbine, irises, lupines, and more irises


This is going to be a different kind of blog post. We went to Schneider’s Iris gardens. Let the pictures speak. It was amazing!  There will be a few comments. Not much to read, just enjoy the colors.

This one was the big winner in 1935.  Yup! A lot of the winners back then were just purple.

I believe the one below was the 1978 winner, the year I graduated from high school.

Here were the fields of irises. Sorry if this doesn’t come out centered.

You could purchase a bouquet for $8.00. I think ten flowers?  Or potted plants for $12.00 for the basic colors. New colors like the pic below for 2021 is $55.0p for a pot.

These are not from the iris gardens, they were at a restaurant.

And we’ll end with dogwood.