Pendleton KOA

  Hello, friends!  This post is pictures taken here at the Pendleton KOA.  And my view of the place.  As I have shown before, the view to the north (I think) is amazing.

I’m sitting outside on our little spot of perfect grass.  Yes, it is perfect, more on that later.  Here is my view.  You can see how close the neighbor is.  When we arrived there was a Class A like ours parked beside us.  We felt quite crowded.  This trailer is much better.  The owner of this trailer has 2 dogs.  One adorable small foo foo dog.  The other is I believe a pit bull, but is built like the tough, muscular ones in the comics.  The first day they parked the dogs barked and barked.  It made us think maybe we should move on.  Since that day the barking hasn’t been a problem.  Yesterday the mom and the tiny girl were out walking the foo foo dog.  The tiny girl was holding the leash.  So cute!

I just got pooped on.

Time to go inside.

The park is one strip with roads on both sides.  This is the far end.  The picture is of the tent sites.  Each is enclosed with its own fence, parking area, and grill.  And perfect grass.

Many spots in this KOA park are marked like this.  I see the cowboy and horse silhouette all over Pendleton.  The Pendleton Roundup is a huge thing around here.  It will happen in September.  It looks amazing.    

Now, I have mentioned the perfect grass.  This is the first place we’ve camped at that had strict rules about the grass.  NOTHING goes on the grass except their picnic tables and camping chairs.  No pots, no decor, no gardens.  So you will find everything on the cement pads.  Bird feeders and plants are hung on the chain link fence.  That makes this park actually pretty nice looking!  When we arrived the majority of the folks here were construction workers.  They were only letting in people who were staying over night on their way through, or people, like us, who were staying for a month.  The resort style RV parks, like the one in Casa Grande AZ, and most of the Encore Parks, cater to ages 55+.  Many people in those parks are there for the winter.  TT parks usually have more families, but a lot of 55+ stay in them, too.  This park isn’t a resort, doesn’t have a pool or activities.  So it is perfect for people to stay in the area while vacationing, or those in construction.  There is a couple two RVs down who have been here 6 years.  They were like us, travelers around the country, until his mom got ill.  Now they are parked near her.  
Why so many construction workers?  We found out there had been a flood here in February.  The are rebuilding bridges damaged from the flood.  

    The pictures were uploaded out of order.  This wagon is in the tent area.  You can stay in it!

The door is held shut with very heavy duty Velcro, just like in the 1800’s.

This is the inside.

The KOA playground.  Yellow tape telling us to stay off.

Lots of these silhouettes around the RV park.

There is a man here making barrels, half barrels, rocking chairs, stools, and rocking horses.  After watching things for a week, I wonder if he is getting the barrels, taking them apart, then making the chairs.  Hmmmm.  May need to strike up a conversation.

This cool wagon is blocked from view when someone is parked in spot 24.

Here is one person’s way of decorating staying off the grass.  I have several things on posts that go into the ground, but not here.  They put theirs on wooden boards.

No flowers planted in here, but there are some flowering vines starting to grow.

These are at the entrance to the park.

Flowers around the house of the caretaker.

I hope these are irises!  

My 2 favorite silhouettes.

This was taken at the entrance to the park.  I had been hearing a bird calling.  I thought it might be a parrot or something inside the caretaker’s house.  I discovered it was this bird.  Look closely on top of the fence post.

I followed it snapping pictures.

Here’s the two best shots.  I was surprised to find out what it was on my bird app.  I thought it was a quail, and it is in the quail family.  It is a Northern Bobwhite.  It isn’t supposed to be here.  I have looked and looked on line at the pictures and descriptions, and its call.  I’m convinced that is what this is.  So cool.  I saw either this one, or another male, with its mate in the dog park one evening.  

Here is a picture looking up the road of one side of the park.  Our Class A is parked at the red arrow.

I just went out for a walk to get pics of the dog park.  There was someone there, so I went for a little walk around.  Suddenly, I could smell something wonderful.  A flower scent.  Like lilacs or Easter Lilys.  One of the workers here stopped and I asked him what it was.  He said it was the noxious Lupines around in the field.  I guess to some, it is a bothersome plant.  I see purple flowers in the distance, but I can’t get to them.  I may do some exploring on foot or in the car.
Anyway,  I did get to the dog park and take some pictures.
I took a lot of pictures because we spend a lot of time here.  As you can see, it isn’t large, but it is a decent size for us.

The inside.  The lady whose trailer you see works 12 hours a day, so she says she can’t have a dog.  She does have a cat.  Have I told you, yet, that everyone here is quite friendly?  

There are security cameras all over the park.  Two here in the doggie area.


My thoughts on this RV park?  
1.  Dogs.  Very nice doggie park.  I can even walk them out of the park down the road on a sidewalk.  There are a lot of dogs here, so I need to be careful.  I can avoid them.  Leinen has done much better not screaming at other dogs.
2.  Views—-amazing
3.  People—friendly.
4,  Amenities—-none.  But if they had, they would be all closed.  
5.  WIFI—-using Machida is spotty, so I just use Verizon.  

I hadn’t done any blogging or picture taking last week because of the weather.  The wind up here at the top of the hill was incredible!  When not blogging I’m watching videos and crocheting.  

Today we walked through downtown Pendleton.  I plan on writing and posting that blog tomorrow.  Cute town.

Thanks for reading!  Hugs and Blessings, Bridget