Bisbee, Arizona


     It has been awhile since I last blogged. The desire comes and goes. I have been very much into crocheting. Someday I should do a blog about that. I have been involved in a Precept Bible Study. It is an inductive study that includes Monday night Zoom. Plus, our social life has exploded! Rarely do we end up in a place where we don’t know anyone. Sometimes we meet up on purpose, sometimes by accident. The RV community is its own entity.

     Now, let’s talk about Bisbee. In 1877, a reconnaissance detail of U.S. army scouts and cavalrymen was sent to the Mule Mountains to search the area for renegade Apaches. What civilian tracker Jack Dunn found instead were signs of mineralization indicating the presence of lead, copper and possibly silver. The first mining claim was staked in what would later become the City of Bisbee. The filing of this claim, and a multitude of others sent prospectors and speculators scurrying to the Mule Mountains in hopes of striking it rich. Numerous ore bodies were located, and Bisbee soon became known as the "Queen of the Copper Camps.”

There’s more colorful history if you want to explore more on the above URL.

The town is built in a canyon. You can see in the above picture. I don’t have many pictures of the houses on the steep hillsides. When the mine shut down in the 70’s, miners moved out and hippies moved in. It’s quite an arts district now.

There are quite a few shops in town, here’s an example.

We also stopped near this staircase. After seeing this, and talking to the locals, we learned of a great staircase race in October. There are several painted staircases around the town.

Here are some more examples of shop windows.

We stopped for lunch at a little bistro type place. I took pictures of the town streets while there

We were exploring Bisbee with our new friends, Hope and Richard Marx. Here are the “Richards” at our table where we had lunch.

After lunch we headed to the Copper Queen Hotel.  Built in the early 1900’s. Outside of the hotel are large rocks. This is what happens when I take too long to blog. I forget what kind. But they were big!

Here’s Hope and I doing selfies with the rocks.

There was a miner’s train displayed out front, too. Complete with a sanitation car.

And then we went inside the hotel.
These are the original Italian tiles.

Check out this Jeep’s sticker

More staircases, more painting 

Something inside of me always has to take a picture of the bathroom.m 

See the door in the middle? That is how wide the honey shop is.

Much of the artwork along the stairs and walls of Bisbee was painted by Judy Perry. I was purchasing a few of her postcards and asked the shop keeper if Judy still lived in town. The cashier said, “Oh, yes, she came here in the 70’s as a hippie and stayed. I just saw her walking down the street a few minutes ago.”

Check out For more information.

I usually add several pictures at a time to my blog. For some reason they don’t load in order. So, this fly is the end of the pictures, the end of the blog. Next Monday, Richard and I are going on a tour down into the Copper Queen mine.