Fiesta Grande Park, Casa Gran, AZ

Yup, that's me.  In the sun.  Doesn't happen that often, really.
Why do I say that?  I don't want anyone to feel bad because I am in the sun and they are not.
I'm in the desert, most of you are near pretty trees and singing birds.  
Anyway, here's a post about the Encore Park called Fiesta Grande

     My grandparents, and then my parents retired to a "Mobile Home" park in Sarasota, FL.  Every building residents lived in there were trailers, but Don't call them trailers, they are called Mobile Homes.  That term is no longer in use.  I can't say anything about Florida, because I haven't been there in a long time, but I can tell you the terminology here.  Any permanent buildings here similar to mobile homes of my parent's days, are called park models.  There are also a number of 5th wheels, Class A's, and trailers (the kind people tow and camp in).  Some residents here are all year long, some snow birds for months at a time, some are like us, a night to two weeks.  I went around and took pics of the park.  

Here is where you'd find Richard every day.  Even at 65 degrees.
Modern laundry.
     We are fortunate enough to have our own washer/dryer.  Yes, it takes hours for one load, but so what?  I can get in 3 loads a day.  It is very convenient.  For the one time I had to use a big machine for our comfort, here is what the laundry looks like.  You can either use quarters, or your credit card.

 This is where we parked last October.
 I'm not going to let the dogs pee on the cactus!  lol
They have a very nice dog park with 2 sections.  Everybody has been friendly.  My two like to bark when they see another dog.  Someone came with his little ones and said, "Let's just put them in together, then they'll calm down."  He was so right, but a lot of places I've been I would get glares.

 Here is one home on a corner in Oct, then in Dec.

Now for more night time holiday lights.  This home below is considered a park model.

This one is a travel trailer.  They are parked in the section where they stay for just a few months.  Notice the donkey with reins ready to pull the trailer.
 Very pretty

     This light show intrigued me.  It was changing as I rode by.  Then I saw it at least at 4 more homes.

 This shows what a pretty porch you can have.  Some had fire pits.

Now for the daytime pictures.  This is looking across the street from where we are.  There are many open lots!
 This is our row.  It is called the middle section.  People who stay for one night - two weeks park here.  Our neighbor has a RZR.  There are almost as many as those type vehicles around as there are golf carts!   

Here is the section where I believe people who are here for months at a time park.  Mostly Class A's and 5th wheels, an occasional travel trailer.  Road has many open lots, and isn't as well decorated.  

     Some people are fortunate to have a cactus in their yard.  Some part-timers still put up decor.

     Many, many pets in this park.  Here is a kitty who didn't want his picture taken.
Now I would think this is someone here year round.  I love this yard.

One of the only places with pansies.  
 And orange trees on the side, a back porch promising more goodies, but I couldn't go back there.

Looking down the road of park models.  There are people living here year round, and snow birds.

 I like the Christmas tree on the back of this golf cart.  Yes, it lights up.  
 If you are into the cactus decor.....

 I really like this yard, and the model is for sale!
Yes, lots of pets.
 This person is after my own heart.  Look at the collection of solar toys!

Living here.  This is a very pretty park.  The people are friendly, and there are many activities such as pickle ball, swimming, exercise class, field trips,  crafts, church, shuffleboard, all you would want at a retirement community.  I may be tired, but I'm not that old.  I am probably the youngest one around.  I did see a couple in the short term area who were younger.  There is even a coloring group.  We're still in the let's travel and see the USA era.  
To close up this blog here are some pictures of our inside Christmas decorations.

I've been wanting to hand postcards up there for a long time, but just couldn't decide how without it looking tacky.  The lights are Richard's idea.  I need to get more postcards.  What I currently have is artwork from the National Parks.

Merry Christmas everyone!  Thanks for reading!


  1. That little burro has its work cut out to tow that mobile home....

  2. If your schedule permits, and you are near the AZ Desert Botanical Gardens, I highly recommend their night time display- cactus' and Christmas lights with plenty of musical venues to enjoy.


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