Birds along the Colorado River

This is my last post about our time in Needles, CA.  I am currently camped among cactus and all the wildlife I hope to see near Picacho Peak.

   One day I decided to take a walk with my camera to see how many different birds I would see.  One stop was to be at Darlene and Nate’s place.  She has a few bird feeders.  The geese you see in the picture above were living in the area.  They are the reason I wouldn’t walk Leinen on the grass or beach.  He loves goose poop.  It was everywhere.  

This flock of geese also had these three.  I think they are greater white fronted geese.  You’ll have to click on it to enlarge it.

What I discovered, and it makes a lot of sense, is that the corridor along the Colorado River is a great migratory route for birds.  I just found that out recently.  Next time I’ll look closer everyday.

Enjoyed the coots again this year.  There seemed to be less of them, while there were more Canadian geese.

This trio hung around the whole month we were in Needles.  They didn’t want to show off for the camera.  I believe these are mallards.

After taking pictures of the shore birds I walked to my friend’s place who has bird feeders.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw this road runner.  It’s metal.

Yes, it’s just a pigeon, but they have such pretty colors on their necks!

I don’t remember red-winged black birds from last year, but this year there were flocks!  There is also large flocks of grackles at our park, and some sparrows.

Darlene has this hanging bird feeder close to the ground.  The pigeons don’t climb on it, but at 3:00 the grackles and black birds come in making a mess for them to clean up.  Lol.

They called this a desert cardinal, but it didn’t look like that to me.  Anyone know what this is?

She had frequent humming bird visitors, but not when I was there!  Just this can see the wing.

I next walked to the boat harbor.

And look what I found!!!!!!

This is a red head.  I love it!  It was alone, no mate.  

And more coots.

I took a picture of this palm tree to show you how windy it was.

Here are various pictures taken over a few days.  Below is a picture of the golf course.  This is the reason most of the people live here.

There is a few RVs at one part of the RV park who are parked together with Harley’s.  This is their lawn decor.

Then I saw this at a hardware store.  Lol.

This is a pair of domestic crested ducks that were around last year.  Someone was feeding them in the park last year, so I could get a lot closer.  This year they avoided humans.

Several mornings it was in the 30’s when I walked the dogs.  Yes, that’s frost on the table cloth.

You can see our grey Mandalay to the right of the white fifth wheel.  

Yesterday we said good-bye to Needles Marina RV Park.  We spent the night on BLM land near our friend, Dom.  So my next blog will be full of cactus!  

Thanks for reading!


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