Cactus and Cows!!!!!!

    Happy Saturday!  This blog post is going to be full of cactus, if you aren’t tired of them, yet, and cows!  You might find a horse or two here!
     After leaving Needles and driving about 6 hours we stopped and actually parked at a free BLM site!  It was near Picacho Peak.  We had been talking to our friend, Dom, for several weeks hoping to meet up with him.  Well, it turned out that we were going to be driving right by him that day.  We were first going to just meet for a snack or something, but a few hours out Richard suggested we just stay at the campground there.  I texted Dom and he went searching for prices for us at the campgrounds.  The KOA was going to be $50.00, and the state campground $30.00.  The final decision was to stay on BLM land near Dom.  Thanks, Dom, for doing all the research.  
     It was an amazing spot!  The weather was cloudy-rain coming the next day.  It made the area a very pretty green.  The green similar to what I’ve chosen for my coffee pot, and my iPad cover, lol.  
     The only problem was walking the dogs.  It was best to stay on the dirt road because of all the cactus around.  There are broken pieces and very small ones scattered everywhere.
 This is looking out our front window.
This one is huge!!!! Look at the fruit hanging down.

Richard backed into this one and it left its babies in the tires.  Lol.  You can see how pieces fall off and just start new ones in the ground.  I had a jade plant like that.

Trying to lighten up this picture makes the sky disappear.  Look at all the lush green on the ground.

Practicing photo skills.  A study on a barrel cactus.

I need someone to teach me how to use the settings on my fancy digital camera.  

I love the purple on this one.

The next day.

Can you find the bunny?

These horses were in a square pen.  On BLM land.  You can see the square in Google Maps.  There was a white fifth wheel parked here, and a van on the other side.  What is the story?  I could see horse hoof prints along the road.

This is how the fence was made.  Yes, a few toughs for water.

Looking at this you might think it is a tree trunk.

But here is the top.

The desert floor fascinates me.  I’ve not really seen pictures before.  I think dry, and very sandy.  Is this sand or pebbles?  Can you find the Havalina footprint?

Look at these teeny, tiny plants.  So cool

Are there any teachers interested in my curiosities?

We were in Open Range, and were reminded on the way out.

This one just didn’t want to move.

Thanks for reading!  


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