Traveling to Oregon, Part 2

Today’s blog will cover two days of travel.  We left Parump.

Some stop signs had lights that were activated when it would sense a car coming.  The lights around the sign would flash.

Long roads.  Same scenery.  Yet, interesting.

Yes, we were near Area 51.  I didn’t go in.

Brothel is the pink building beside the Alien Center.

The Sierras!

We were near Death Valley.  Pretty deserty around here.

I decided that instead of going all the way to Winemucca and pay for another expensive RV Park, we should stop at a Harvest Host place.  This was a small farm.  We purchased fresh asparagus and a jar of sweet potato pecan butter.  That is made like apple butter, if you are familiar with that.  Thanksgiving in a jar!  The asparagus was so much better than what we get in a Fairbanks grocery store.  They also had a row of these fabulous irises.  That and the chives are all I got pictures of here.  

We did drive through Winnemucca, though.  Nice town sign. 

It was a cloudy, rainy day.

Nevada’s cow crossing signs are so cute.  It looks like the cow dances across the road!

On our last day we went from Nevada to Oregon to Idaho back to Oregon.  I tried to get pics of signs, but some of them were in towns and I wouldn’t see them in time.

Hillier in Idaho and Oregon

This is how hops grow.  I didn’t know until I asked on FaceBook.  Seems as if everyone else in the world knew except Richard and I.  

This is the view outside the back of our camper.  We are now parked at the KOA in Pendleton, OR for one month.  

This is the front view.

The last blog showed the crocheted head pieces for masks that I’ve been working on.  My friend, Renee, is a spinner.  She sent me this yarn to try out to see how it crochets.  I am making it into a cowl.  So much fun!  It is bulky weight and works up pretty fast.

Thanks for reading.  When it warms up again we are going to visit Pendleton and take pics for a blog.  I purchased tickets to fly to Fbks on June 9.  I’ll go if the quarantine is over.  

Blessings and Hugs to you all!


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