I’m blogging again! Where have I been, and why did I stop? June 14- June 22.

Where Have I Been?

     After we left Pendleton, a whole month spent there, we went to Chehalis, WA Thousand Trails.  Then from there to Pacific City Thousand Trails on the Oregon coast.  Now we are at Seaside, OR Thousand Trails.  During that time we visited friends who lived about 40 minutes away from the park, and other friends who came to visit them.  We drove to Seattle to see my nephew.  I flew to Minneapolis to see my son, his girl, and my grandson.  We drove to a farm where a retired teacher from my school was going to start a cidery. We had a 4th of July picnic with Richard’s mom, sister, and family. We also had our RV worked on.  During that time we stayed with Richard’s mom.  What has kept me from blogging is crocheting, a video game (I admit it, Stardew Valley), and lack of WiFi.  Blogging for me just comes in phases.  I’m in a blogging phase right now.

     Let’s go back to when we left Pendleton.  The most scenic part was the Colombian Gorge.  
This isn’t the Colombian Gorge, this is flat lands leaving Pendleton

This is the Colombian Gorge

“Roll on, Colombian, roll on!”

A few people were out enjoying the air on the Colombian 

This is what the campsite looked like in Chehalis.  The very top picture of this blog is me standing in the same spot taking a picture down the road.

As I said, while staying in WA, we visited a lot of friends.  Sad to say, the only one I got a picture of is my nephew.  I’m so sorry!  That has been a problem with my picture taking for years.  
We visited Ginny and Dave Streeter numerous times.  I’ve known Ginny since the mid 80’s!  They had just moved to Centralia, WA from Bend, OR last winter.  The yard was full of tall weeds and dead things when they bought it.  Recently retired, Dave found he loves yard work.  He would get up when Ginny would get up, and go work in the yard all day while she was working inside for her job, online.  I wish he had before and after photos!  The yard is incredible, and from what I hear, the neighbors are thrilled.
Part of the fun of gardening here are the plants that showed up.  It was fun to see what flowers he has that he didn’t know until they came up. 

Here is an example of one of the plants Dave didn’t know what it was, but he cleared around it.  We used my plant ID app to find out they have mint, rosemary, lavender, and basil.

Dave said to me, “What is this one?”  I said, “Weed.”  Lol.  He ended up pulling it out.

The next pictures are all from Chehalis TT in WA.  The green was amazing to me, and so peaceful.  I would feel so relaxed walking through this forest.  It was like a rain forest.

And here is a picture of the “camp kitty”

That’s all I’m going to do this evening.  Even though we have WIFI it took me hours to download the pics.  Until next time!


  1. Cute camp kitty....a bet everyone that stays there feeds him...


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