Donkeys, Antiques, and a Big Train on RT 66.

     Yes, it was cold and windy.  When I was trying to take this selfie one of the other donkeys was trying to steel my purse.  That’s why the odd face on me.  
     Yes, this post has a few donkeys in it.  Oatman, AZ is along RT 66, a little up in elevation.  The donkeys are left over from when miners let them free about a century ago.  That’s a guess, anyway.  Oatman is a very old town, still hanging on for the tourists.  The donkeys hang around because the townspeople sell tourists cubes of food for them.  They are rather tame and cute.  There are some wild ones we saw driving around away from Oatman, too.
     Most of the pictures here are from one “store,” full of antiques with price tags.  I wonder if anyone actually really buys anything, it seemed closer to a museum.  Then at the end of this blog I have a few pictures of a big train.
     Here is a picture of the Main Street in Oatman.  This is RT. 66, too.  The buildings all look like an old western town.  The light colored peak above the town can be seen miles away.  

I really thought I took more pictures of the town.

I didn’t take enough pictures of the little town itself, because I thought we would return on a warmer day.

Here’s the town with ATV’s parked.

Once again, uploading the pictures changed the order they were taken in.  It doesn’t really matter which order you see them because of the eclectic way everything was displayed.
Here are old radios.  Like I said, Many things had price tags, but I wonder if ever anything was purchased.

I don’t know the name of this store/museum, and I didn’t think to take a picture of the front.

I do need an iron for the curtains I’m sewing.

Richard remembers these knives.  He said you could get a free one with every fill up.  Does anyone know which gas company did this?  The price here is $5.00 a piece.

Took a picture of these stuffed chickens. $89.99.

More cowbell?

WWI helmets

I’ve got spurs that jingle jangle jingle!

A collection of lanterns

A jack for a Model T.  I think Richard said he remembers seeing one......

Sign going in to another room.

Oil cans and animal heads.  Not very well centered.

This takes the cake.  A music teacher’s chalk guide to make 5 lines for music.  If I had known it was worth $25.00, I would have brought home the one in the music room.  I never used them because the chalk would never stay in the wire holders.  

Need some horse tackle?  

Richard said he used one of these when camping.

I just like this picture

Choo choo

A pram

Another for my chicken friend......a huge egg basket.

More horsy stuff.  

I was really trying to get a picture of the water buffalo, but Richard was there anyway.....

Another one!  Another Richard pic and another “museum.”  This one advertised motorcycles.  You can see the size of it, yet there were some interesting pieces here.

This one is a bicycle, not motorcycle, from the 1700’s.  But it could only go straight, it wouldn’t turn.

From a gift store. A grumpy plastic chicken.  I told my friend about the grumpy chicken.  She said it’s grumpy because it eats plastic corn.  Thanks, Renee!

Thinking of my dad.....and his suspenders.

One thing I didn’t get any pictures of.  Many bushes along the road had Christmas balls and 

We drove from Oatman, along old RT. 66, to Kingman AZ.  It was very beautiful!  I was driving, however, so I couldn’t take pictures.  It was a narrow, windy road through red canyon without a place to stop.  I wanted to see the railroad museum in Kingman, but it was closed.  But here are pics of the big train outside anyway.

The train was all decked out for Christmas.

That is it for today’s blog.  Here is a preview of the next blog.  BIRDS!


  1. That actually is a pretty cool store with its eclectic contents! I still am a bit leery as to why stuff those chickens/roosters there really a demand for such? The helmet pic showed both the "Tommy" helmet used by the British and what appears to have been Soviet style helmets.


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